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“Horrible Bosses” What to avoid, so you wouldn’t be killed!



Horrible Bosses (2011) was directed by Seth Gordon; starring: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis.

According to an international statistics 70.6% were subjected, in some point in their life, to bullying, mainly teens. One can’t deny that he was exposed to bullying or mockery in school, some way or another. We were waiting for graduation to have our own independency and bullying-free life, getting the job of your dream, but what if your boss was the bully, that what Hell on Earth would be, and that what “Horrible Bosses” represented. Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Collin Farrell, represented the worst of any boss could ever be. They seem to be embodying the extreme, but that doesn’t mean they don’t reflect reality. “Horrible Bosses” is categorized as a comedy, but when you get into its details, it can reflect real life, big time. It can also represent the fantasy of every employee, planning to kill his own boss!

On one hand, Nick (Bateman) works at a financial firm for the sadistic psychopath David Harken (Spacey). Nick, instead of getting at work at 6:00 a.m. he went there at 6:02 a.m., he had a hard time from his boss for being late, sounds familiar?! Nick works for long hours, “goes to work before the sun comes up and leave long after it gone down”, and taking extra shifts aiming for a promotion that his boss keeps implying that it will be his , as long as he works harder and harder, and he didn’t even get the promotion, very familiar, isn’t it?! Nick has no personal life, no food in his home, he, literally, lives for his work; healthy? I don’t think so!

Harken is a huge manipulative boss, he is emotionally blackmailing Nick with the promotion he is dreaming about for years, to be a Senior Vice President, and then, in a meeting, being 15 minutes late himself, Harken, in front of everyone, he decided to absorb the responsibility of a SVP himself and have a huge enormous office. He thinks he is motivating his staff, but the truth is that he is just evil. He told Nick that he owns him and he can crush him any time, and that Nick has no free will, he treats Nick as his slave.  In a movie it surely sounds funny, but in reality it is a misery, all workers face that Harken-like in their life. Evil bosses are everywhere, they want everything and they give nothing in return. That’s why 16% cannot stand their boss in the Middle East, 24% of bosses make employees feel de-valued and want to quit their job, 44% of employees say they have been emotionally or physically abused by a supervisor in their career. A part of Harken is in most bosses, according to real numbers.

On the other hand, Dale (Day) is a dental assistant who got sexually harassed by his boss, Dr. Julia Harris (Aniston), she threatens to tell his fiancée Stacy (Lindsay Sloane) that he had sex with her unless he actually has sex with her. It is really very familiar especially in the Middle East, mostly gender vice versa. Lots don’t have the chance to quit their jobs, may be not because being mistakenly accused as a sex offender, like Dale, but mainly the chances to get another job is near 11%. Lots of men and women, have to deal with their harassing boss, for the sake of the paycheck. According to International Labor Organization 54% had experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment, 79% of the victims are women; 21% were men, and 12% had received threats of termination if they did not comply with the requests of the sexual harassers. Dale is not a fiction character; he is real, very real indeed.

The third employee is Kurt ( Sudeikis) enjoys working for Jack Pellitt at a chemical company, but after Jack unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, the company is taken over by Jack’s cocaine-addicted son Bobby (Farrell). Bobby didn’t attend his father funeral; he tricked Kurt, when he came back from the funeral, to fire the fat and the cripple. Dealing with a racist, addicted boss is the worst of all, who didn’t care about the workers’ laws and I quote, “It is the united states of ME”. He is manipulative, he just wants to embarrass Kurt and make all the staff hate him, since bobby acted as the knight who would never accept such a procedure. Farrell perfectly impersonates the boss who doesn’t care about his own company. He only hates Kurt. Bobby-like bosses are the main reason that 3 out of four employees report their boss is the worst and the most stressful part of their job.

The three friends, Nick, Dale and Kurt, knew that quitting is impossible, especially after meeting Kenny, their friend, in the bar, who had quit his job and can’t afford for his drinks anymore. The three reached a very low point in their lives that they would either be miserable or kill their bosses, and for the sake of having a better life they decided they would choose the second option. They decided to hire a hit man, and that’s when the real comedy and the movie twist begin. The one and only (Jamie Foxx) an ex-con agreed to be their “murder consultant”, though he didn’t kill any one before, although he went to prison for a very reasonable reason, for me.

I suggest, if you would may, that you recommend this movie to your boss, saying, “I can’t believe there are such evil bosses in the world, may be it is science fiction, I want you to see it and tell me”… and believe me after watching such a movie, your boss will think twice before giving you any hard time.

A word of advice for all the bosses out there, don’t make any of your employees reach the point that they would say, “If one evil person have to die for the greater good, so be it”. Bad bosses are ruining workplaces, causing mental health issues, and stressing out employees. Have mercy, you have been an employee yourself one day.

Abir Yassin


Movie Review: “The Platform” & Corporate Cannibalism – Abir Yassin



Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s horror thriller “The Platform” has been a regular feature on Netflix’s daily Top 10 since it hit the streaming service, and no wonder it is a hit: with its generous cannibalism scenes, suicide, starvation, blood, guts and with a really strong, or may be a young “message”, how could it not be a headliner?


A Spanish science fiction horror thriller film, one can define it as the modern man featuring “ANIMAL FARM” with a unique setting, large vertical tower-style of 200 or more stories where each floor has a small room with two inmates, the residents got transmitted randomly between levels, and are getting fed for two minutes a day through a platform, where they get to eat the leftovers of the level before them.

The film is an actual mind trigger one; it is not a feel-good movie, it can take you to thoughts, may be you have never thought of or even think that this could ever happen. You can see it from a Darwin political view or from a communist view or may be a religious view in a way. What about a realistic point of view…

The movie’s main character Goreng, the new comer, who grabbed a book to the prison where others grab different kind of weapons to such a piece of Hell, to defend themselves or kill each other, for food, not to mention that the book was “don Quixote”, the man who fights the wind mills, significant much! He was addressed by another cellmate, “that’s not a place for a book lover” he has enlightenment thoughts that were not very welcomed with other random prison mates, he wanted to talk, have a reasonable conversation with the lower or the upper floors, and as the film goes on, one can see how his character develops and forget all about the conversation, even started to eat the paper of his only book.

He tried his best to keep the good side in him, but when it gets to deliver his message to all the floors in the prison he made his own weapon and he didn’t mind killing others for the sake of delivering food for all the levels, he seeks equality and be fair to all, just to send a message for the management” up there” that all levels can share and be fair to each other. The character development was perfectly framed with the actor’s paced out eye looks and his language that changed through the movie.

 Reaching the ending of the movie, it is full of mixed ideas and will definitely leave you full handed with so many things going on in your mind…

If you think it is a fiction, can’t be happening, how can ever be such a jail?

Have a closer look at your daily routine please again nowadays. Kept in home in lockdown quarantine right? going out only for your essential needs, can you see the link now, not yet? check the news, people in the first world countries are fighting over toilet paper, reminded me much about those in level 8 devouring the food in the most grotesque way, never in mind how the people in level 100 are doing…

Shall I mention the panic shopping and how greedy people get when they get scared? Remember that viral video of the lady who was crying by the empty shelves looking for her baby’s diapers and can’t find any…” if everyone ate only what they needed” A line said by Goreng or may I say the new comer of the prison, did you think of that when you saw how each and every one was grabbing whatever on the shelves lately, all over the globe?

Look how countries invade other countries medical supplements essentials because they are just panicking about the pandemic disease in the air, and the countries didn’t get hungry yet… Can you imagine how ugly things can get if there is a lack in food essentials?

To deal with business you have to deal with the inner human being thoughts, isn’t that what HR is about. Watch this movie and read William Golding LORD OF FIES and you can definitely understand how hideous MAN can get when his life is in danger, the possible cut in salaries and letting go of the employees will reveal an ugly face in the next few months… be prepared companies, try to think with your minds not with numbers, economy will be affected that’s for sure, everything can be recapped after this scary coronavirus beast be defeated, but your real weapon is the Human Resources… HUMAN.

Written By: Abir Yassin

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Writers: David Desola, Pedro Rivero

Stars: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale, Alexandra Masangkay

Running Time: 1h 34m

Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Breaking Bad ~ How far an Underpaid Employee Can Go?



Written By: Abir Yassin

Breaking Bad is a well-known crime drama television series. The story of the series is about an underestimated, genius, underpaid and depressed high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Along with his former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) white started a crime life cooking and selling crystalized Methamphetamine. White had that extreme career shift from a teacher to a drug producer in order to secure his family financially after his death.

It may sound funny to you, but underpaid employees can go through depression and even have suicidal tendencies, according to some researches. Not all teachers are as dark genius as Walter White, and go to the crime life correspondingly to a personal medical report. Teaching, in particular, is known globally to be one of the most underpaid professions. We all have a friend who works as a teacher and you know exactly what I am talking about, especially when you know that this teacher has so much potential, and is very well talented yet struggles through his/her life because of the low paycheck.

Not only teachers who are struggling with underpayment, in every profession there is THAT boss who don’t appreciate his/her employees and give them their due. There are a lot of signs to know if you are an underpaid or no, for example, when your level of responsibility has increased and your salary hasn’t. Or maybe you get a raise but it is like 1% to 3% of your salary through the last two years. A more obvious sign for being underpaid, that you never asked for a raise, according to an analysis by that failing to negotiate could potentially cost you more than a million dollar over the course of your career. Last but not least you have to ask yourself this question, how fair is what you earn on your job in comparison to others doing the same type of work you do?!

What underpaying can do is that it breeds frustration like what happened with Walter White. His cancer was the last straw, for a man who never had a cigarette, to break down or break bad and start cooking Meth. Not just in drama series that work and being an underpaid can affect your health. Due to some studies the least underpaying can do to a human body that it raises the risks of rating oneself as having pour health, headaches and stomach, back and chest pains. It hurts when you feel that you are under-rated and get less than what (you think) is fair on an emotional and even physical level.

Final word to any business owner, invest in your employees, and you will gain much more when they are well-paid and in good health, emotionally and physically. It affects the productivity and when the employee loses the motivation and enthusiasm, everything in the work station goes down.

And keep in mind that Walter White killed a lot of people who crossed him in the most vicious and brilliant ways!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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Você já ouviu falar dos Minions? Esses personagens fofos que apareceram em dois filmes antes de se destacarem ao ponto de terem seu próprio filme? Se não conhece, pesquise no Google, você nunca vai se arrepender e eles nunca irão falhar em colocar um sorriso no seu rosto.

Você sabe o que é realmente interessante sobre os Minions, além da fofura e da linguagem esquisita que precisa de um glossário especial? Eles são ótimos trabalhadores. Surpreso? Eles têm o espírito de equipe e seguem seu líder com todo o coração. Eles são tão devotados que podem até sacrificar suas vidas pelo mestre ou chefe.

 “Minion” realmente significa subordinado ou seguidor de uma pessoa poderosa, um ser servil ou sem importância.  Pierre Coffin, o criador dos Minions disse que eles foram feitos para serem estúpidos. Eu não os vejo como estúpidos, eles fazem o trabalho e estão sempre ali quando você precisa. Eles são tão leais que trouxeram à filha adotiva do seu chefe, Agnes, um baboi*, em Meu Malvado Favorito 1 (2010). Como um funcionário você pode achar isso submisso, mas pensando como um Minion, foi muito divertido fantasiar-se e cantar em voz alta em um shopping “Copacabana, uhuuuu”! É tudo uma questão aproveitar oportunidades; não fique desanimado com uma tarefa. Faça. Toda experiência conta, e você nunca vai saber quão benéfico pode ser para seu futuro.


Em Meu malvado favorito 2 (2013), quando o malvado Gru se torna oficialmente um super pai, e muda a sua carreira de Malvado para um doce de pessoa, os Minions estavam lá também. Eles não desistiram dele. Eles até mesmo chamavam ele de “papa”. A coisa mais incrível sobre os Minions como funcionários é a devoção deles. A felicidade e bem estar deles permite aceitar as mudanças e aproveitar isso. Eles se importam com o trabalho, que é o que em nós, seres humanos, realmente falta.

O último filme dos Minions (2015) mostra a história deles com todos os mestres vilões que eles já serviram, começando com o T-Rex até Napoleão. Devido a morte “acidental” dos seus patrões, os Minions ficam depressivos e se isolam na Antártica. Isso soa familiar? Quando você falha num certo trabalho, se tranca no quarto e fica encarando o teto?  Então tudo o que você precisa é Kevin, um dos Minions que decide sair do isolamento e achar um outro chefe ou outro emprego, nos nossos termos. Kevin não desistiu e você também não irá.


Kevin não foi sozinho; ele foi com o entediado e obsessivo por guitarras, Stuart e o jovem faminto Bob. Eles tiveram uma jornada alucinante, que começou em Nova York e terminou com o pequeno Bob se tornando rei da Inglaterra. O que eles fizeram foi realmente inspirador, eles não cederam à depressão, seguiram em frente e aproveitaram as oportunidades que surgiram, enfrentando alguns percalços na estrada. Entregar-se não era uma opção. Lutar por seus destinos fez com que eles conhecessem seu único e malvado chefe Gru, no final do filme.

Sempre que você se sentir para baixo e que não há oportunidades, não desista, seja um Minion e busque. Assista os 3 filmes e imagine que todos os Minions na sua frente dizendo: “Tulaliloo ti amo**” e comendo um “Gelato***” junto com uma “Baple****” e tudo ficará bem.

Tank u*****

Minions glossário:

*Baboi: brinquedo

**Tulaliloo ti amo : nós te amamos

***Gelato: sorvete

****Baple: maçã

*****Tank u: obrigado

Traduzido por: Gabriela Neves

Escrito por: Abir Yassin


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