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Summit Weekly Brief

Written By: Farah Ahmed

I-Gamify’s summit is on fire! Each day it brings new ideas and incentives with incredible speakers and experts. 

Last time we took a quick look at the first 4 days… Let us recap what has happened last week!

Day 5 was powered by StartEgypt and Flat6Labs Cairo. It was carried by Akram Eladwy, interviewing Reem Abdulatif, founder of Opio and Sarah Abo-Elhassan, founder of Doc Home. 

Reem discussed the notion of having a ‘support system’; stressing that it means both moral and financial support. She advises the new entrepreneurs that they should never be afraid to ask for help for the sake of getting the right co-founders and team and seeking a mentor as well. For Sarah, the most important thing in a startup is ‘customer validation’, and she encourages anyone who is starting his/her business to join any program that provides a coaching system to hear from someone who has marketing experience and more knowledge in the field. Sarah recommends making the ‘go-to-market strategy’ faster as much as you can, as the market makes you see the whole picture regarding the needs, market gaps, and so on. For her, the secret of success is the ‘Product/Market Fit’.

They also tackled the MVP (Minimum viable product) and how they passed this phase. For Sarah, it was a very frustrating period, but still, it is about targeting the right customer to get the validation needed. While for Reem, in the fashion industry it is a little bit different, because its main focus is on the customer experience, and their feedback is the basis for their new products launching and the amendments in their business model.

Moamen Said return on the 6th day with Khaled Roshdy, Shahenda Abdelrazek, and Ahmed Moniem displaying “Designs transformation and New Techniques Within and After COVID 19”.

Shahenda, as a certified graphic designer instructor, passion, and satisfying output are what keep her going. Khaled, as a 3D animator, he found his passion for storytelling more than his original study while the quick development in the field makes him more eager to continue. Ahmed, as a caricature and a digital illustrator, believed that his talent is a gift from God so, making use of it is the smart thing to do and accepting the risk’s consequences. Moamen then concluded that it is related to having a passion and a vision. 

They tackled the question of ‘trial and error’ and they agreed its way effective than giving the newcomer in the field the piece of information without him/her exerting an effort to gather it. 

Furthermore, they discussed that everyone has his/her way of learning, so deciding whether to take an online or offline course, it depends on your type of learning and your nature in receiving the information. 

Day 7 carried a different segment, which is ‘personal development’ under the title “The importance of the Coach / Counselor Within and After COVID19”. Khaled El-Degwy, Aya ElDighady, and Mohamed Sharaf Eldin were invited to speak about the topic and give us some insights. 

First, let’s introduce our speakers; Aya a career counselor, and a certified NCDA instructor. Khaled a regional corporate trainer on soft skills and business skills, and owner of Khaled El-Degwy “Energize”. Mohamed Sharaf a corporate trainer, NLP certified coach, ICF accredited coach, and owner of “Authentic Relationship Coaching Academy”.  

When Aya was asked on “How to use the available technology to work from home during COVID 19”, she states that part of her job is adapt to transitions in life, such as this epidemic. Thus, it is an intuition to find alternatives easily, for instance, Zoom for a one-to-one session. She also acknowledged the work of many institutions that trained the coaches/trainers on using these online applications. Khaled added that one challenge of the E-learning that they face, as mentors and trainers, is the lack of physical engagement. He also praised the positive understanding of ‘mental health’ with the people nowadays. Mohamed Sharaf then clarified the in the meanings of training, coaching, mentoring, and counseling. 

They believe that it depends on your mindset to survive this critical period; which means the way you interpret the events during this phase. They don’t recommend denial, and stress on resilience as well as retention of your skills and interests. 

Day 8 theme was “The Role of HRians During COVID19 and After it” with Mariham Magdy, Marwan Ali, and Rawan N. Bazzari. Taking a closer look at our HRians: Mariham is an HR Manager in a Petroleum Services Company, CEO of HR Revolution Middle East, and HR Trainer and Consultant. Rawan is the HR Manager for the MBC group, Jordan Office. Marwan is the Head of Talent Management and HR Transformation Agenda in Wadi Group.

They tackled the challenge of managing employees while working from home, highlighting the impact of the psychological effect and anxiety. Mariham’s plan was to put a flexible policy for working from home and provide the necessary tips for managing the work at this new stage. While in Jordan, as Rawan had mentioned, things were easier, especially as she’s working in a digital company. They had the welfare of rehearsing over a period of 10 days to test the capacity and the technology, and they always stay in touch with their team and keep them updated. Marwan sees that during a crisis, your decisions must be quick and the reason that helped them moving fast during the quarantine is the company’s privilege of a digital platform. Also, one of the bonus points is the speed building of safety regulations, precautions, allowances, and communication tools.

They outlined powerful issues, such as the case of outsourcing during COVID 19, the wrong practices of HR committee in students’ activity, and professionalism of HR during an interview. In the latter, they dived into the dilemma of the relativity between interviewer and interviewee, the interviewer’s aim from the interview is to see the cultural fit of the interviewee, while the interviewee disregards this point whatsoever. They pointed out that being familiar and listening to the employee in fundamental as this helps the HRians to evaluate him and recognize her/ his competences.

So here you go the latest update for the panel! You can check the complete panels by clicking on the following links below and see their answers to the different questions that they received in the most fun and light way ever!

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

If you want to book your seat for upcoming panel discussions visit now:


ATD Middle East Conference 8th – 9th June 2021 “Reflecting, Reimagining, and Revitalising Learning and Talent Development”



Press Release

Sunday, 10th of June 21

Written by: Mariham Magdy

Informa Connect launched the ATD Middle East Conference and Exhibition on, 8th – 9th June 21, at the Address Dubai Marina, with the theme of “Reflecting, Reimagining, and Revitalizing Learning and Talent Development” welcomed more than 400 L&D, and HR practitioners attending the event.

The ATD Middle East Conference this year had more than 60 Expert Speakers among the most prominent business figures in the Learning and Development industry, in addition to presenting more than 30 interactive learning sessions and 3 ATD Education Programs.

The ATD 2021 Middle East Conference & Exhibition brings the HR, learning, and talent development community together to network and learn in a safe, secure, and socially distanced environment.

This year, the attendees had the added benefit of AI matchmaking through the event platform, which enables meaningful connections and networking opportunities at the event.

The conference program focused on leading through change and learning post–COVID–19, building learning cultures, designing agile organizations, planning a learning strategy roadmap.

Interaction, engagement, and connection have been included through the virtual platform, ensuring that ATD MENA experience would remain unique as usual.

The event included an exhibition showing case of L&D design and development organizations, with special discounts and catalogues. The event provides L&D and HR decision makers from around the region with all they need from innovation in learning design and delivery, technologies, and holistic solutions.

Moreover, there will be three ATD Education Programs on the 6th, 7th & 10th of June 21; included: Improving Human Performance Certificate by Bahaa Hussein (ATD Facilitator), E-learning Instructional Design Certificate by Nikki O’ Keefe (Senior Facilitator ATD), and Creating Leadership Programs for Your Workforce, by Seema Menon (Master Facilitator ATD).

Considering the current travel restrictions; Informa announced that the ATD 2021 Middle East Conference and Exhibition will also take place online through the virtual event platform 29–30 June 2021.

Through the platform, attendees will also have access to the recordings of the live conference sessions during the virtual event four weeks after the face–to–face conference and exhibition when they log in 29–30 June 2021.

Worth mentioning that HR Revolution Middle East Magazine, is a Proud Media Partner for the event this year.

For more information: ATD

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world. The association was previously known as the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). We support the talent development profession by providing trusted content in the form of research, books, webcasts, events, and education programs. We host various conferences several times a year, including the premier international gathering for talent development practitioners.

For more information, visit

For more information: Informa Connect.

We provide products and services based on content, intelligence, and connections to specialist communities worldwide. Informa has five divisions: Informa Connect, Informa Markets, Informa Intelligence, Informa Tech, and Taylor & Francis. We are listed on the London Stock Exchange and a member of FTSE 100, with more than 11,000 colleagues working in more than 30 countries. Since our beginnings as IIR Middle East 25 years ago, hundreds of thousands of professionals have boosted their careers through our public and in–company training programs. With international experienced instructors and specialized teams, we have shaped a superior learning experience that has been a privilege to share with top–tier institutions all over the MENA Region.

For more information, visit informa–

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How did studying a CIPD qualification with ICS Learn change my career?



Journalism: Mariham Magdy

“Choosing ICS Learn has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I personally struggled for nearly two years trying to kickstart a career in HR and as we all know, HR is one tough industry to crack. “After choosing ICS Learn, I had a number of recruiters contacting me for HR roles and I couldn’t believe it! The level of attraction I received once putting the words ‘Studying towards CIPD’ on my CV was immense.

“I finally managed to gain an HR Administrator role in one of the best companies and couldn’t have been more pleased with being offered such a fantastic opportunity.”


” Other course providers did not offer upfront information about how support would be given and by whom. ICS Learn proudly promotes the tutors and high levels of expertise. This gave me confidence that I would be in good hands.
Just one month after enrolling with ICS Learn for my CIPD course, I landed my first HR role and am over the moon!”

Nikki Long, CIPD Level 3 Student

“I really wanted to break into HR/Learning and Development roles, but the jobs I was applying for required a CIPD qualification, so I then took the leap and started with ICS Learn. “From not being able to get an interview for roles I started getting offers as soon as I mentioned CIPD on my CV.”

Nin Sandhu, CIPD Level 3 Student

“As a recent student of ICS Learn, I have completed my Level 5 Diploma. Prior to starting the course, I didn’t work in an HR role, so after shopping around and a lot of Google searching, I got into contact with a student advisor at ICS Learn.

The gentleman I spoke to was very endearing and friendly, as I didn’t work in an HR role and had no HR qualifications I was looking to start the CIPD Level 3 qualification, however, the advisor suggested I started with Level 5 as I had a university degree. “This was possibly the best choice I made as it has helped me become more recognised academically and I was able to get my first HR role in Alstom within 2 months of starting my course.”

Rukhsaar Hussain, CIPD Level 5 Student

“I have been able to use my studies in making decisions at work and able to relate the practical way of my work to my academic studies. “The tutors on my modules are friendly and approachable which has made me feel very supported throughout the course.”

Bernadette Aquino, CIPD Level 7 Student

“Since I decided to enroll onto a CIPD Level 5 qualification with ICS Learn in April last year, it has already had a tremendously positive impact on my change in career direction.

After careful comparison with other learning platforms, ICS Learn stood out to me as the best one available, as I knew people who had done this course and were able to gain successful entry into HR, either like myself during studying, or very quickly after completion. 

They had good testimonies from students and offered an excellent flexible payment programme which made it accessible.

ICS Learn also offers good study support, from your own tutor, or even from fellow students!

Even though I’m still working towards my qualification, it has 100% helped me secure my future as an HR professional.”

Taj Chelvaiyah, CIPD Level 5 Student

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Which Certification is right for me PHRi™ or SPHRi™?



Written by: Mariham Magdy

When deciding to take a step forward for their international certification, many HR professionals hesitate between choosing the right credential that suits their professional experience and practice; whether the PHRi™ or the SPHRi™?

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison between the two credentials, to help you decide which certification is right for you.

First, we will highlight the eligibility requirements for both:

Let’s elaborate more about what is meant exactly by a “professional-level experience in an HR position”?

HRCI defines a “professional-level” HR position as one that includes:

  • The ability to use independent judgment and discretion in performing work duties.
  • A level of specialized knowledge in the HR field with some authority for decision-making.
  • In-depth work requirements, such as data gathering, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Interaction with a broad range of individuals, including key personnel.
  • Individual accountability for results.

The Exam Content Outline for both certifications.

While the PHRi builds a professional mindset for the HR professionals on how to manage soundly the different HR functions, standardizing the steps they need to follow for the successful implementation of various HR processes; the SPHRi enhances the strategic aspect of HR Management Practices.

In other words, both certifications curriculum complements each other, and it depends on where you are on your professional career ladder to decide whether you are lacking the knowledge on how to professionally manage certain HR functions or are you ready to expand your strategic views and practices in the HR field?

The Certification Renewal:

  • You must earn 1 ethics credit during your three-year certification cycle.
  • This is a part, not in addition to your 60 required recertification credits.

I believe that the “Recertification” condition mandated by the HRCI increases the value of the certification itself since it ensures the continuous learning of the certified professionals.

One of the valuable slogans of the HRCI Certifications, is that it is “Earned not Given”, and thus the eligibility and merit of earning, must be continuously evaluated and confirmed.

Recertification is one of the many reasons that HRCI certifications are the most recognized and trusted by HR professionals and the organizations they serve. And now, recertification credits are easier than ever for you to access and earn.

And now let us know more about the Exam Format & Length:

The Exam Questions are either multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, drag and drop, or scenarios.

The scenario questions present typical HR situations, followed by a series of exam items based on the scenario. These scenarios require you to integrate facts from different subject areas.

The HRCI website provides extremely useful bundles for the exam preparation material along with trial tests to assist you to get familiar with the certification exam questions and exercise them widely prior the exam itself.

In addition, the HRCI offers a “Second Chance Insurance” which is a pre-paid and non-refundable fee allowing you to take the exam for a second time in case of failing your first time.

Whether being certified as PHRi or SPHRi, the certification has three main advantages for you:

  • Requires specific work experience, competency, and education.
  • Requires recertification, which makes sure that you stay current in the HR profession through continuing education.
  • Allows you to put the letters after your name.

Through the HRCI valuable certifications, you get connected to an exclusive network of motivated HR professionals around the globe – Nearly 145,000 certified HR thought leaders working in more than 100 countries and territories.

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