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Founder & Chairperson:

Mahmoud Mansi

2020 CEO:

Mariham Madgy

2018 Board of Directors:

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Ahmed Saadalla, Dina Marei, Hassan Ragab

 2017-2018 Editor in Chief:

Mona Timor Shehata

2018 CEO:

Tarek Hassan Refaat

2017 CEO:

Dina Marei

2017 Board of Directors:

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Ahmed Saadalla, Mahmoud El Dsoky, Alia Magdi Faramawi, Ola Youssry


Mahmoud Mansi, is an author who also works as an HR Specialist in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport since 2009. He attained a BA in Finance in 2008 and an MA in Marketing in 2011. He is the founder and CEO of The Forgotten Writers Foundation since 2011, and the Co-founder of The AlexandErian Magazine. Mahmoud attended several conferences worldwide and won a few awards from the British Council, as well as a couple of literary awards in Spain and the UK. His wining story “The Island” wasn’t ranked among the top 3 winners, yet he was inspired and motivated to write further and to start building the FWF project using his knowledge, talent and experience in business and writing. In 2015 he was inspired to blend between his knowledge in managing writing projects and his HR profession by launching the HR Revolution Middle-East Magazine. Mahmoud is also a creative writing instructor. As for his hobbies, he likes to workout, draw and do some photography. He believes that art is related to everything in our lives and that it is a perfect means of exploring the self and the universe. He is the author of “A Journey from Darkness to Light”. Since 2011, he has been working on creating, managing and judging several writing competitions.

Dina Marei, completed her master’s degree in HRM from AASTMT, studied HRM at AUC and the American Chamber in Cairo as well, worked for 2 years as a trader in Pioneers brokerage co., and working now as HR business partner in Banque Misr, in addition to being a freelance trainer in emotional intelligence and leadership. Dina’s passion is in writing, traveling, and training.

Mona Timor Shehata, a translator, subtitler, transcriber, proofreader and editor who loves new experiences and challenges and is a bookworm. She graduated from Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, English Department, Linguistics and Translation section in 2010 and holds a Written Translation Diploma (Post-Graduate Studies). She works as a part-time translator and editor with BA PSC. She also volunteered as a Marketeer at The Forgotten Writers in 2014.

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, is very passionate about helping others and making them happy. Nevertheless, he is the kind of guy who doesn’t follow the work rules or norms directly. He prefers to question everything first. Ahmed has been working as an HR specialist at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport since 2009 after he attained his BA in Finance. In 2011, he attained his MA in Human Resources Management. As a hobby, Ahmed likes to draw and do some wood burning art. He is currently the Head of the CRM Department in The Forgotten Writers Foundation and a Social Media Specialist at The AlexandErian Magazine.

Ola Youssry, I graduated from the Arab academy of technology as a communication engineer, currently I am working as former transmission engineer at telecom Egypt organization. I also certified from Huawei University in china as a technical support engineer. Now I am studying a professional certificate in human resource at the Arab academy and till now I finished two modules. I love writing, reading especially for dr. Mostafa Mahmoud and attending soft skills seminar and courses.

Alia Magdi Faramawi, earned her Bachelor of Mass Communication Marketing, Miser International University 2009. She joined the first marketing campaign with Citron and Peugeot in November 2013 after graduation then has been working as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist for 16 months in Highly Professional Advisors (hpa). Alia is highly skilled in designing dresses, photography, and designing advertisements. On a personal level she is a very good listener and has her own way to make everyone around in high spirits.

Ahmed Saadalla joined in March 2015 as the head of HR then was elected before the board of directors to be the CEO of the magazine in September 2015. Prior to that, Ahmed was an HR Manager in training and Recruitment supervisor for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Training & Performance Management Specialist for the Arab Academy for science and Technology, Customer Center Senior Representative for Mobinil/Orange, and a Civic Education trainer for the unicef organization. Over the years, Ahmed was recognized for his efforts to enrich the HR community whether through articles or participating to leverage the skills and knowledge of employees, youth and adolescents on societal, leadership, ethics and management issues. Worth to mention, Ahmed is known for his self-ethics, passion for humanity, volunteerism, and above all his, mentorship and coaching.

Strategic Management Specialist:

Aly Hassan Mansy

German Translation 2016:

Sonia Naim Thabit, a graduate of the German school of Alexandria. She then joined the Faculty of Arts, English Department. After getting the BA she made postgraduate studies in Germany specializing in teaching and thus became a member of the teaching staff and taught English language and translation (English/ German/ Arabic). From 1996 to 2002 she moved with her family to Kuwait where she taught English and German at the Lycée Français de Koweït. When she moved back to Alexandria in 2002 and went back to the German school where she still teaches English and Translation. Since my pension she has been working as a part-timer and is responsible for the mediation team. Her husband still works in Kuwait and she is blessed with two children, Nadim and Magda.

Our Contributing Photographers & Illustrators:

Mohamed Samir Hassan, a visual artist with a passion in blending photography with illustrations. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department in 2012. Mohamed’s art took place in many national and international art exhibitions like Sakiet El-Sawy in 2010, the first International Exhibition of Photography in 2011, The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, International Photography Awards (HIPA) in 2012, and the Art Dubai Exhibition in 2014. He worked as an interior designer now works as a freelancer in advertising and 3rd art.

Hadeer Mohamed Hisham El Masry, a freelance photographer who is passionate about all types of photography, yet specialized in “Maternity and Babies” photo sessions. Hadeer attained her BA in Accounting in 2010 from the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University. In 2014 she was the Head of Media for Cross Egypt Challenge, and currently she is the Media Representative. Hadeer has been a member in View Finders Photography Club since June 2010. She is a member in Rotaract Cosmopolitan Alexandria, and in 2014 she was the Head of Media. Hadeer completed the diploma of PMP Certification, and she is interested in drawing , calligraphy, reading, and sports.

Amira Elmissery, Studying interior design at faculty of fine arts, Decor department, Art is all my life, I see it in everything. I believe that drawing isn’t just a talent or a hobby it’s a soulmate.I find myself when I draw. Interior design is a brand of arts, Thinking of the spirit of the place you design and to choose the colors and materials and to design the whole place from the ceilings to the floors is the most interesting thing.Creativity finds its way with arts. For me art isn’t just concerned in drawing and coloring, Cooking is art, Dancing is art, Music is art, I believe in all kinds of arts. I do what I believe in, I encourage the different and creative ideas, I believe that everyone should be different in his own way.

Our Contributors:

Nada Adel Sobhi, Ex-Editor in Chief HR Revolution 2015-2016, a writer, translator, and a lovable person with much enthusiasm towards reading. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Cairo University in 2009. In 2006, she joined her department’s poetry and creative writing magazine, “The Muse”, and became its Editor in 2007. She has been working on “The Muse” ever since. Nada has a passion for languages, especially German and Italian. In 2010, she began working as a translator with Arabic and English as her language pairs. Since September 2012, Nada has begun blogging at Nadaness In Motion about her writing, which includes poetry, flash fiction, short stories and numerous book reviews. In 2013, she joined book reviewers on the Author Alliance website.

Mariam Thabet is a Talent Acquisition Manager at Baker Hughes. Mariam graduated from Faculty of Languages, Erfurt University Germany. Mariam’s career in Human Resources spans over a period of 8 years and includes HR Business Partnership, Organizational Development, Recruitment & Selection, Talent and Performance Management, & HR Project Management. Currently, Mariam is working for Alexander Mann Solutions, AMS is the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management services one of which is RPO Services, have been working with AMS for 2 years now. Baker Hughes is Mariam’s 2nd assignment with AMS and Novartis OTC was the 1st. Mariam has worked for Al Futtaim Group, Barclays Bank Egypt and Insight Training Centre before joining AMS as HR Professional. Mariam started her HR Career as HR Coordinator and climbed the ladder along the way. Mariam has attended several workshops and Trainings like Influencing and Persuading course, How to Build an Effective Talent pool, Planning And Organizing, Fundamentals of Making Social Media, Business Report Writing, Medic First Aid, Time Management Course, Problem resolution Skills and Running Effective Meetings. Mariam is an innovative and dynamic Human Resources Management change agent with a global exposure and capable of aligning HR strategies with organizational goals and she is a person who excels in interpersonal relationships with an interest in being an active team member in a reputable organization.

Nancy Wahid, faculty of commerce graduate, CMA holder, worked as a technical writer, then currently work as software quality engineer, and by coincidence I discovered my talent of writing and I like to continue in this track.

Nihad Fottouh, Teaches both Literature and sociology at The American University in Cairo. She is a passionate person who found herself different than everyone around her. She read when it was time to play she didn’t take it serious when everyone thought it was time to be serious. She is a proud mother, a dedicated researcher and a questioning university professor. Writing is the means of her survival and love is the reason she lives. Her first MA was from Cairo University with the title: Alienation in Selected novels by Doris Leasing. Her second MA was from the American University in Cairo with the title: Islamisation of Women: it’s effect on space and place with a focus on Damietta. Her PhD was from Cairo University with the title: Cross Cultural relations and Identities in Selected work by Ahead Souief and Hanan Al Shiekh.

Hend Salah El-Din.  I am finally doing the one thing I love the most which is writing. Writing is all I can do, may be am not the best at it but it is the only thing I see myself doing and it is the only thing I am willing to work on; to be the best at.

Sara Abdelghany, a Biotechnologist/Pharmacist, with a passion in writing, traveling and developing new skills. Meeting new people is always an opportunity for me, to get exposed to different ideas. I identify myself as a global citizen, and wish that one day we wouldn’t be identified by what passports we hold.

Abir Yassin, worked as an volunteer organizer at the AIMUN. An ex-member at Alex. East Rotaract club (2004-2009), organizer at BSLA 2005, 2006, 2007. Graduated from the faculty of arts, English department, literature section at 2010. I have a special place in my heart for books, movies and Spanish language. I am trying to follow my dream being a writer, eager to learn and absorb new experience. I wish one day I could be an inspiration.

Noha Hanno, Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communication and Media Studies. She has a diploma in Human Resources Management. She has been a journalist and a writer for 3 years. She is currently writing for SasaPost and The AlexandErian Magazine.

Sara Zakaria Abdallah, Head of HR Department in The Forgotten Writers Foundation and an EGC-ian who strongly believes in the power of civil work and the vital importance of human resources upon the society. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration – English section, Alexandria University in 2013. In 2014, she was granted a diploma in Human Recourses from Eton University. Since 2010, she has joined the civil work society as a participant and a leader. She began with MAC (Model of American Congress), MOIC’12 (Model of Islamic Cooperation), MEC’12 (Model of Egyptian Cabinet), MEC’13, ESPAB, SHE (SHE Head up an entrepreneur). She was also the Head of the Arts Department of one of the Families of the College Student Union and, finally, in 2014 she found her way to the FWF. Over the years, she has worked as a virtual assistant at DFW (David Feldman Worldwide) and an administrator at KPMG Egypt. Playing rugby is a crucial and vital part of Sara’s life, and she is a member of the Alexandria Warriors Rugby Team.

Marian Samir, finished my master degree in human resources and have the passion to write in human resources however am working in National Bank Of Egypt as a teller.

Heba Hassan. My Accounting Major doesn’t mean that I’m all about logic and lifeless Math equations. My true passion is writing. I teach English. Creative Writing and Drama are my favorite subjects. Dealing with children taught me that the sky is the limit when it comes to wild imagination. I believe that the day we don’t want to try something new, is the day we die.

Mohamed Shouman. In a world of business. Resources are hired to give results not to give reasons. That is why human resources became the solid ground for a promising entities, That is the reason to work in HR not only because i love it but to provide a potential candidates to Entities as a social service to serve others, my country, business world and the entire society…

Menna Mahdy “A 19 year old paradox who’s best friends with her pen, paper and cup of coffee. She charges her spiritual batteries with reading books, poetry, traveling, singing, and music. Menna is currently studying Marketing & International Business in The Arab Academy of Science and Technology in Alexandria.”

Salma Nazeem is a Physiotherapist by day and a writer/poet by night. She’s a self-proclaimed introvert always seeking knowledge and self-betterment. She’s passionate about philosophy, psychology and swimming.

Mohamed Adel, who’s graduated from the AASTMT, Business College, Accounting department, an IT specialist (oracle developer) to be specific, and just figured out that he can write a story !!

Osama Ibrahim, born on the 9th of September, 1998 in Alexandria, Egypt. I am a student in Victoria College (senior 2). I volunteered at many civil activities as a facilitator or a mentor. I began writing poems when I was 6 years old. And I started acting at the theater of the school when I was 9 years old. I love debating and learning about political sciences.

Youssef Abdelaziz is a school student, civil activist and a violinist. When the classical music is on, nothing can prevent him from doing his second favorite hobby which is writing.

Deena Ossama, Queen of dancing on the stairs, Deena has hopped from being a TA in the  Management Information Systems department, to earning her Master’s degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies to becoming a TA in the Media Management department, to leaving that and working with the Civil Society. A traveler at heart, she believes in humanity and equal rights, is compassionate about nature, and believes life is too short to spend it in one place.

People Who Have Worked With Us:

Sarah A. Shalaby (ex editor in 2015) is an ex-teacher of English and a current English-Arabic translator, editor and a polyglot-wannabe, and she was also the Chief Editor of The AlexandErian Magazine in 2015. Graduated from Class 2008 of the Linguistics and translation department of the Faculty of Arts’ English Department, Alexandria University, Sarah got an excellent for her graduation project on a translation critique of Naguib Mahfouz’s “Zaabalawi”. She started as an instructor of English in the summer of her sophomore year of college and embarked on a teaching career upon graduation. Sarah started teaching in schools in 2008 until 2013, earning a teaching degree from University of Oregon, USA, for TEYL (Teaching English for Young Learners). She started her translation career, her real passion, in 2014 and has been following her passion ever since. She was an enthusiastic member in the cultural committee of the Friends of Voice of America Club (VOA) at the American Center up till the closure of its activities and the American Center transforming into the American Consulate in Alexandria. Sarah’s hobbies include reading (fervently), learning languages (currently French), photography, crafts and caring for her little girl; Lily.

Nada Zeyada (ex editor 2015 – 2016), Joined the American Diploma in high school and passed the S.A.T exam to join the Faculty of Arts, English Literature and Language Department, Alexandria University. Very passionate about art in general, literature in particular. Also, very passionate about languages especially Spanish and English. Widely interested in teaching, editing and helping others to develop their skills when it comes to English as a language. Ranks the second on her class and expected to graduate next year, class of 2016.  Planning to be a teacher in the future, in universities or schools, because she regards teaching English as a hobby that she will enjoy doing.

Mennat-Allah Yasser Zohny (ex editor in 2015) is a violinist at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Amateur Chamber Orchestra, a Violin Instructor at El-Kal3a Arts Center, and the Leader of Scouts Group at Smouha Club. She is also a writer at The AlexandErian Magazine. In 2008, Mennat-Allah won a few writing awards from the USA. Apart from her various activities and job titles she is currently an IGCSE student at Riada International School with straight A* grades and in 2014 she was ranked Top of Egypt in IGCSE English as a Second Language. Mennat-Allah is a people’s person who loves smiles way too much. Her hobbies include crafting, photography and devouring mostly anything edible. Studying medicine and working in the fields of culture, music and literature is her passion. Mennat-Allah hopes to have lived dedicated to a noble cause and touched lives in the process.

Mahmoud El Dsoky (ex web-designer & ex board member 2015-2017), is an ICT Teacher at Kaumeya Language School, IGCSE Department. He is the Founder and CEO of The AlexandErian Magazine. As a Web Designer Mahmoud started his own company in 2012 is also the owner – Creative Director – Senior Web designer and Social Media Specialist of Blue Iris Creative Agency. He is also the Head of E-Marketing Department in The Forgotten Writers Foundation. Mahmoud graduated from the Higher Institute for Management and Computer Science in 2007. He is very passionate about marketing. That’s when he mixed between offline and online marketing to have a better strategic overview on the market, and thus start offering new demands and new products.

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